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GLUSCO supports the Ukrainian national football team

Glusco has become the official fuel supplier of Ukrainian Football Federation and the Ukrainian national football team. Reported Glusco and Federation representatives during an official press conference in Kharkiv on March 20.

"Football is a game that unites and makes the hearts of the fans beat in one rhythm. Historically, football came from Europe and very organically adapted into the Ukrainian sports biography, becoming a favorite sport in our country. Similarly, our company Glusco, which has Swiss roots, seeks to combine the best European practices with national traditions. Today Glusco has a new owner and a new talented management, ready to implement European standards and approach of doing business in Ukraine. Our company has more than 1,800 employees who receive official salaries. In addition, 3.2 billion UAH of taxes and fees were paid to the state and local budgets of Ukraine in 2017", commented Managing Director of LLC "Glusco Retail" Vitaliy Vandych.

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