MAXX - confident drive to the future

The MAXX fuel is made of high-quality Orlen Lietuva fuel (Lithuania), which complies with the European standard EN 228 for petrol and EN 590 for diesel fuel. MAXX contains in its composition a monofunctional additive Keropur, produced by the international chemical concern BASF (Germany).
  • Protection

    protection of engine and fuel system from carbon deposits and corrosion

  • Power

    higher power capacity due to better fuel combustion

  • Eco

    more eco-friendly fuel having minimum negative impact on the environment

Complies with EURO-5 standards

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You can buy gasoline and diesel of all grades at Glusco fuel stations

Gasoline and diesel fuel at Glusco fuel stations comply with the European ecological standard Euro-5.

GLUSCO works directly with manufacturers, importing fuel from the leading suppliers of the EU countries (ORLEN Lietuva), Belarus (Mozyr Oil Refinery) and others.

Thus, GLUSCO monitors and guarantees the quality of its products throughout the supply chain.

All kinds of our fuel meet state standards, confirmed by the relevant quality passports and certificate of conformity, which can be found in customer’s corners at all GLUSCO fuel stations network.

  • A-95 ( (Standard gasoline with an octane number 95)
  • A-92 (Standard gasoline with an octane number 92)
  • 95 MAXX (brand petrol А-95)
  • Diesel MAXX (brand diesel)
  • LPG (gas)
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