Large fuel wholesale

  • Delivery of fuel by railway tank-wagons to the point of the clients's warehouse.
  • Petroleum products are supplied from the leading refineries of the EU, Belarus and other countries, and comply with the EN228 and EN590 standard.
  • Own depots for fuel storage are located in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Kherson regions.
  • Due to the full chain of oil products supply management starting from the refinery and finishing with the delivery to the customer, the company guarantees a high quality of fuel and a best market price.
  • Advantages for our clients:

  • Flexible pricing (fixed delivery price).
  • The basis of DDP delivery is the buyer's warehouse.
  • Strict adherence to the agreed delivery schedule.
  • Compliance with European and state standards of Ukraine, accompanied by quality passports and certificates of conformity.

Advantages of working with GLUSCO

  • High quality fuel products

    Consistent high quality of petroleum products wich meets DSTU and Euro-5 standarts

  • Gas stations all over Ukraine and abroad

    Operating at more than 3,500 gas stations in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

  • Accurate control and accounting

    Precise control and accounting of all expenditures on petroleum products

  • Quick Reporting System

    A quick transport refueling system which makes fuel frauds impossible

  • Comfortable profile account

    Сorporate fuel cards and cash online management through the personal profile account on the company's website.

  • Individual approach

    Individual approach to each client, quick response to all wishes

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