Fuel cards

Please refer to the details of the terms and procedure for purchasing fuel for your business in batches from 3 tons.
  • Manage throuhgt the presonal Cabinet

  • Wide goegraphics coverage of the filling stations

  • Individual approach to each client

Through the Personal Account you are able to:

  • track your current account status
  • monitor all transactions (time, date, price, amount of fuel, addresses of points of sale)
  • download invoices and accounting documents
  • carry out postponement of replenishment of smart-cards under the "electronic purse" scheme of work
  • check your fuel purchases for any period of time
  • check prices at filling stations
  • block smart cards
  • monitor all changes in the petrol/gas station network

Glusco Fuel cards provide the opportunity to enjoy a range of additional services for drivers of cars and trucks

  • Smart cards are accepted at more than 3500 terminals of filling stations, and nearly 700 of which are located on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Smart cards owners have the opportunity to pay for fuel without cash in the national currency in Ukraine and refuel in the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Advantages of working with GLUSCO

  • High quality fuel products

    Consistent high quality of petroleum products wich meets DSTU and Euro-5 standarts

  • Gas stations all over Ukraine and abroad

    Operating at more than 3,500 gas stations in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

  • Accurate control and accounting

    Precise control and accounting of all expenditures on petroleum products

  • Quick Reporting System

    A quick transport refueling system which makes fuel frauds impossible

  • Comfortable profile account

    Сorporate fuel cards and cash online management through the personal profile account on the company's website.

  • Individual approach

    Individual approach to each client, quick response to all wishes

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