About us

Glusco is a subsidiary of Greenenergo Trading S.A. (Switzerland)
A high level of customer service and continuous improvement of products and services is a basis for doing business in Glusco. The retail network in Ukraine has 127 fuel stations and 6 depots.

Be a leader means more than being the first

Being the Leader means being the one who dares to do what others consider impossible, unrealizable and even absurd.

Our values

  • Leadership

    Create, don't repeat. Lead, don't follow. Inspire, don't hold back. Shape the future, don't wait for it to come.
  • Perfection and excellence.

    Pursuit of excellence in everything. Making a difference in everyday reality.
  • Originality

    Being different. Being pioneers and innovators. Going our own way. Using new approaches, creating original solutions and bring them into life.
  • Flexibility

    Anticipating the future and responding to the changes. Potential for transformation and grasping the new. Staying among the most prospective companies and keeping the relevance through time.
  • Development of human capital

    Investing in search, education and maximum potential revelation of each employee. Creation of effective teams. Being an attractive employer for the young generation.
  • Honesty and openness

    Being a trustworthy company. Never misleading. Providing transparent information. Taking care of our reputation.
  • Steady development

    Creating values in business. Solving the society's long-term issues.
  • Determination

    Accepting challenges with courage and fearlessly challenging ourselves and others, never being discouraged by real and virtual obstacles on the way of implementing plans, ideas and decisions even if they seem impossible to others.

We at Glusco are convinced that impossible conceals the opportunities that nobody has yet managed to make real.

Glusco Mission

Our corporation is to drive global transformations which will make a difference in the world economy as well as the history of future generations, thus making available the possibilities that seem unattainable today.

Glusco Club in Your smartphone

Glusco mobile application together with integrated client card allows you to enjoy advantages of Glusco Club Loyalty.